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From conflict to conversation Dealing with differences in difficult time - online workshop

Training objectives:
Gaining skills to transform destructive and alienating communication to empowering and responsive conversation, in spite of existing differences.

Quality of communication and how we relate to each other is the basis for building satisfying private and professional relationships, especially in conflict situation.

In the face of conflict, the flight or fight reactions often worsen existing problems. This usually leads to feeling of increasing helplessness and isolation which negatively affects both our personal and professional life. Mindful attitude and communication skills are key in such situations, and help to reverse the negative conflict spiral. 

Given that most of us work in diversified environment, it becomes essential to gain knowledge and skills that help us to feel more confident in conflict situations and see them as an opportunity for learning and growth.
Constructive conversations allow to express ourselves and remain responsive to others, which enables mutual understanding, informed decision-making and makes it easier for us to live in the world full of differences.

For whom?
Whether you lead a team or relate to your co-workers, partner, kids or friends, quality of interpersonal communication makes all the difference, that is why we offer the training both to managers, employees and private individuals.

What will you learn?

  • basics of transformative conflict theory which has been effectively used for nearly 30 years in many countries and various social contexts
  • to understand the nature of constructive and destructive communication
  • to recognize states of weakness and self-absorption and cope with common reactions in challenging conversations
  • to identify opportunities for empowerment and recognition shifts
  • to develop strategies for responding to conflict effectively
  • balancing own autonomy and responsiveness to others
  • skills to transform conflicts to constructive conversations

The training method:
The training has interactive nature, it integrates theory and practice through exercises, role-plays, analysis of films and own experiences, discussion and individual reflection. The training will be carried out using the Zoom platform, dedicated to video conferences and online meetings. The technology enables conversations and simulations in pairs, small groups and the whole group, as well as watching films and slides presented by the trainer.

Organizational information

Participation in confirmed by certificate. For more: see training description & agenda (download)
Maximum number of participants - 12.

The training consists of 4 meetings.

Date:  29 October and 5, 12, 19 November (17:00 - 20:30)  (Thursdays)

Training place: Zoom platform

Costs:   400 PLN net price / 492 PLN gross price


contact for organizational matters: /  58 32 33 113



Łukasz Kwiatkowski cooperates with international network of practitioners connected to the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and acts as a ISCT Country Liaison for Poland. Received Certified Transformative Mediator™ title and is ISCT authorised trainer. For many years was responsible for financial risk management system in a large capital group. Has experience in team building and development, change and conflict management in organization, communication and negotiation in international environment. Completed postgraduates studies in mediation, participated in many conferences, trainings and workshops in Europe and USA about various forms of conflict intervention. Initiated setting up the Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation to support people, families, organizations and communities in constructive response to conflict situations.


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